Hot Mini Cakes


Location: Grand Street @ Bowery, SE corner

Hours: afternoon/evening

Days: 7? (definately weekends and some weekdays)

Dishes: hot mini cakes

Prices: 20 for $1

The cool old guy who runs this stand is quite a character. He loves to chat with all the people in line, especially the little kids. He always has classical music playing from a small boombox he has at his stand. And yet, when I asked him to pose for a picture, he said to focus on the food, claiming he was "shy".

He only sells one product, and it's delicious. Tiny cakes, delicately flavored with orange, are cooked in a pan like a honecomb-shaped waffle iron. He scoops them into a bag and serves them steaming hot. Top that!

Posted by Sam on Feb 13, 2007 | Permalink | Comments & User reviews (1)